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We provide you the most flexible virtual assistance services on the market

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Virtual receptionists and Assistants work remotely, offering callers the opportunity to connect with a real live person every single time that represents your company. 

Sales Agent

      Unlike automated phone systems and automated messages... 
VIRTUAL RECEPTIONISTS create exceptional client experiences while performing tasks as an in-house hire would do, such as:

  • Answer and transfer calls

  • Take messages

  • Relay and collect intake on your behalf

  • Make outbound calls

  • Answer frequently asked questions

  • Schedule appointments

  • Collect payments, etc

VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS take care of all the

in-betweens such as:


  • Lead generation

  • Administrative and executive assistance

  • Teamwork project management

  • Customer and client care

    Personal endeavors such as… 

  • Booking flights, 

  • Scheduling dinners

  • Keeping you on track of your daily goals + more!

Working Together on Project

With the manpower of a full team at your service, 100% of your tasks are handled, your receptionist nor your assistant is ever sick, on vacation, or late, and every client receives the same stellar service.

Tropical Leaves

Per Call and/or Chat Pricing Packages

There are no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and we are a month-to-month subscription!


Don't let tedious tasks keep your business from growing.

We work with you and your business needs to keep your business running smoothly 24/7/365.

Our diamond specialists will ensure you won't miss a single call, email, text, or chat even on major holidays.

Diamond Specialist Pricing

Find a plan that works for your business


USD 150


Every month

This is a great plan for new businesses just getting started

Valid until canceled

25 calls per month

1 transfer destination

24/7/365 services

Summary of every call

Any additional calls will be charged at $7.00/call

*spam calls not included

Unused calls roll over one (1) additional month MAX


USD 450


Every month

This plan is ideal for growing teams

Valid until canceled

75 calls per month

2 transfer destinations

24/7/365 services

Summary of every call

Any additional calls will be charged at $6.50/call

*spam calls not included

Unused calls roll over one (1) additional month MAX


USD 750


Every month

This plan is loved by businesses with steady call volume

Valid until canceled

150 calls per month

5 transfer destinations

24/7/365 services

Summary of every call

Any additional calls will be charged at $5.50/call

*spam calls not included

Unused calls roll over one (1) additional month MAX

Custom Solution

Not sure how many calls you realistically take per month?

No big deal!

Speak with a Diamond Specialist to help find the right solution for you

Valid until canceled

As many calls as you need

More calls per month = Additional transfer destinations**

24/7/365 services

*spam calls never included 

** Additional transfer lines are included when there is a higher monthly package per month, however, please review monthly add-ons and speak with your onboarding specialist

Unused calls roll over one (1) additional month MAX


  • Scheduling (+$.75/call) 

    • Assistance scheduling meetings on your calendar with new leads and existing clients, we ensure you never miss an opportunity. Also, need an outbound  team of appointment setters, we have a Diamond Elite Team for you!

      • (For any additional questions outside: name, number, email, the reason for the call, and/or address, an extended instake fee will be added).

  • Payment collection (+$.75/call)

    • From service agreements to consultations to past-due collections, we make sure you get paid

  • Intake form (+$.75/call) 

    • We'll ask questions and fill out your third-party intake form to keep all records in your system

      • (anything over 9 basic questions: extended intake is then added (price is depending on the length of extended intake, shown below:)

  • Extended intake starting at +$.75/call - $1.75/call (Anything over 8 basic questions) 

    • We'll take the additional time to ask additional intake questions to further qualify clients to save you the time:

    • small - $.75/call (10-12 questions in total)

    • medium - $1.25/call (13 - 16 questions in total)

    • large - $1.75/call (17 - 20 questions in total)

  • Email/SMS Follow-ups (+$.50/call) 

    • Based on your instructions, we'll send custom SMS and/or Emails to callers after the call to keep your clients engaged and/or need a dedicated team to respond to all incoming emails and texts. We got you covered!

    • (Includes 2 templates, every additional (2) is an additional $.25/call ex 6 templates is +$1.00/call)

  • Business caller-ID for outbound calls +$7.00 (per month) 

    • When we make callbacks or outbound calls on your behalf, the call recipient sees your business number

  • Additional transfer destinations +$10.00/line (per month) 

    • Add more lines for transfer destinations and routing)

Team Meeting

Speak with a Diamond Specialist


We understand that every business is unique,

so why not create a custom plan that tailors to you?

We can create a plan that best fits your business needs!

If you rather skip the call and start now, you may fill out our sign-up form here to begin!

Feel free to contact us at

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